Cases (ENG)

Retail in Japan Cases (ENG)

Retailer fashion
‘I’ve been in New York, Milan, Paris and Hong Kong, but Tokyo inspiring and is great variation’, according to one of the five Dutch participants of a fashion retail inspiration tour where the focus was on middle & high end. For them we selected stores, concepts and we have put together an efficient and inspiring tour.

Retailers opticians
In collaboration withVTC Travel Solutions and Flexbase we arranged an inspiration tour for a group of 15 opticians and representatives of their subcontractor. This consisted of two parts, a retail inspiration tour in Tokyo and a cultural tour in Kyoto. I turned out to be a memorable tour for the participants. They enjoyed a for them unknown side of Japan and Japanse culture.

Automotive journalists
A German car manufacturer offered journalists the afternoon prior to the Tokyo Motor Show a short tour in Tokyo. Together with the Dutch architect Martin van der Linder we guided the group along some highlights like a ‘micro house’. In the preparation we gave advise on the tour, routing and guidance.

A Dutch family asked us for one day guidance. Why us? One member of the family had worked for a Dutch retailer/franchiser some years ago. He then joined for a retail tour with some of his fellow franchisers. He was very satisfied about the experience then that he wanted to enjoy it again but now with his family.

Retail real estate
For the Dutch organization SSM Retail Platform we drew up an extensive retail study tour. During the tour several presentations were given by Japanese and Dutch companies or/and entrepreneurs.
The group, 39 delegates were inspired by the presentations of Tokyu Corp, the company that is behind the redevelopment of the Shibuya station area. Shannon Nishimatsu, consultant retail services at CBRE, gave in her presentation some background about the Japanese economy. Architect Mark Dytham who explained the idea behind and the realization of urban shopping site in Daikanyama, T-Site. Marcel Wesseling of the creative agency SuperUltraNew gave the group an insight about youth culture. Managing fellow Shohei Shinhara of Mitsui Fudosan gave a presentation of the plans of reviving the Nihonbashi area. Mr Masaaki Kanai of Ryohin Keikaku gave a presentation about the philosophy behind Muji. Architect Martin van der Linden gave in his presentation an insight of the daily routine of an average family in Tokyo.

Product search: For a small Dutch business we brought a range of samples (non-food) from Japan. The idea was to get the feel of the product, price and possibilities to sell this product on a larger scale in Holland. We took care for transport and delivered the samples.

Retail Inspiration tour in Tokyo city and visiting Japanese families
Members of a design mangement team of a multinational FMCG-producer (non-food) visited Japan to get inspired. For them we arranged a 3-days program of which 1 day in Kyoto. We visited the retailers, saw new initiatives in retailing. But we wanted to get closer at the Japanese way of life. That’s why we visited a number of Japanese families at home. This resulted in a spontaneous cultural exchange and an insight in Japanse daily life.

For a webshop in the Netherlands we established a contact with a major Japanese player in stationary. The webshop now sells some special Japanese stationary through their site.

Retail Inspiration Tour in Hong Kong & Tokyo • For a Dutch chain of opticians we organized an inspiration tour in Hong Kong and Tokyo. The innovative company wants to make the next step in order to stay in the lead of their industry. Objective was to find out what is needed to take this next step. We provided information of hot spots, places for new ideas. 1,5 Days in Hong Kong and 3 days in Tokyo. An exhausting tour that was seen as very refreshing and inspirational.

Retail Study Tour (Bread/pastry) • 18 Dutch bakers came to Tokyo in the beginning of March. In Tokyo they found numerous interesting bakery concepts that can be an inspiration to others. Of course it is all about service, quality, but we are going to discover new angles of bread and pastry, new and unexpected tastes. During the tour we visited the Foodex, a international foodfair, we visited many shops (also bakeries of cours), there was a presentation about The Japanese Consumer and a meeting with a Japanese bakery chain.

Retail Study Tour (emphasis non-food) • “We will be back” was heard in Spring 2010. And in Autumn 2010 we saw some familiair faces when a group of 35 Dutch franchisers (non-food) got ready for an intensive 2-day Retail Study Tour. Of course the objective of the tour was to check shop interiors, experience the amazing high level of service and get inspired by the way products are displayed in the shops. This time for us the extra challenge was to top the experience, to surprise, to impress the ones that joined the tour before. And we did. More than that. Again it was heard… In cooperation with ‘Pim van den Berg Perspectives’.

Tourists  Group of tourists For 9 Belgian tourists we arranged a tailor made Tour in and around Tokyo. For a week we accompanied them to the famous and less well-known surprising spots, arranged transport, hotel and restaurants. participants we more than satisfied and realized back home how much they have seen and experienced during their trip.

Retail Study Tour • For 22 franchisers of a Dutch retailer we arranged a tailor made Retail Inspiration Tour in Tokyo. The objective was to check shop interiors, experience the amazing high level of service and get inspired by the way products are displayed in the shops. In cooperation with Pim van den Berg Perspectives. Comment: “We will be back!”

Retail Inspiration Tour • For the Dutch advertising agency VVO2 Retailcommunicatie we planned a tailor made Retail Inspiration Tour inTokyo. The objective was to get inspired and pick up ideas in the field of new media. We arrange d a presentation at telephone provider. Also we visited  the trade shows ‘Japan Shop’ and ‘RetailTech’ with and interpreter. participants were highly satisfied. And tired! The creative director of the agency wrote in Retailtrends 4, a Dutch monthly about retail, a column in which he described the Retail Study Tour as a  ‘retailrollercoaster’.

Market Research • On behalf of a Japanese organization that provides financial support to Dutch companies that want to do business in Japan, we performed a market research. Objective was to get a clear insight in the market of mobile telephones, market players and the possibilities to enter this market with products from a Dutch company. The report has been provided in an English as well as in an Japanese version.

Retail Study Tour • For a Dutch retail consultancy we planned a tailor made Retail Study Tour in Tokyo. The objective was to get inspired and pick up future ideas in retail. Part of the tour was a visit to the trade shows ‘RetailTech’ and ‘Security Show’. He was accompanied by an interpreter. Also a visit to the trade show ‘Drug Store Show’ was part of the tour.

Guidance • Retail in Japan was involved in match making beween Moroccan and Japanese companies. A Moroccan delegation representing various businesses was looking for opportunities to export to Japan. Retail in Japan task was arranging meetings with Japanese prospects and act as an interpreter.

Market Research • For a Dutch consultancy we performed a market research on ‘Foshu’ products, food products that carry a health claim. The research was to come a an inventory of products that had enhanced qualities.

Guidance • Retail in Japan guided a Dutch entrepreneur in Japan who wants to launch a new franchise-concept in the food business. In this case guiding means writing a business plan (English & Japanese), arranging meetings with Japanese prospects and act as an interpreter.

Guidance & Location hunting • For a Dutch filmmaker we were involved in the pre-production like location search, arranging contacts, interpreting on the spot.

Retail Inspiration Tour • In cooperation with ‘Pim van den Berg Perspectives‘ we planned a Retail Inspiration Tour in Tokyo for a major Dutch company in the food business. Objective was to get inspired, pick up new ideas for future product development. We were responsible for location search, transport, visiting hotspots, guiding and interpreting. participants showed great satisfaction with the input.

Market Research • For the marketing research company Euromonitor (Great Britain) we performed several market research projects like the Japanese Packaging Industry, the Japanese market for Domestic Appliances as well as a Store Check. research added to the list of Euromonitor.